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Lead Artist

Released September 26th 2014

Runner up for both "Best Looking Game" and "Best Horror Game" for Giant Bomb's 2014 Game of the Year Awards.

I lead the art team along with creating the meshes, textures, and animations for the characters and environments. I was further responsible for level design and set dressing.

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Principal Artist

Playstation Network game on PS3. Released on August 21st 2012

Independent Games Festival Finalist 2009

IndieCade 2010 Audience Award

I was in charge of creating the models and textures for the backgrounds of each level along with designing, set dressing, and animating each level. I also did the modeling and textuing for the enemy and boss ships. Toward the end of the project I was tasked with creating the unlockable player ships, some of which are based off of other indie titles.

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Personal Pieces

These are some small individual projects I have done. The scenes are in the UDK. The paintings are acrylic on canvas.

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